Open Doors Exhibitions 

The ODE is a themed pop-up gallery showcasing artworks based on local cultures and subject matters to stimulate awareness and create a unique and enriching experience for the community. The ODE is mission-driven, focused on diversity for social impact and culture shifts.


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Open Doors Exhibitions



Current Submission Themes & Deadline Information:



We are currently also accepting submissions for:

Vintage/‘Golden Age’ America

Trump Related works (non political preferred)

‘Skin’ centered art

‘Silent Generation’: Portraits of senior citizens (70+), Maturity

Guatemalan art/ Guatemalan-inspired art

Waltham narratives, photography, historical photography


Breast Cancer related art

Diverse: Multicultural artwork/ international diversity in New England/ Immigration-Emigration Stories/narratives/ Globally inspired artworks  (Open to all New England Residents— MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT

Death related work 

Native American