Open Doors Exhibitions


Art in Suburbia partners with Real Estate Brokers, Universities, and existing Galleries to help you promote your business or event in a socially responsible way.

The Open Doors Exhibitions Program, or The ODE, is a traveling themed pop-up gallery showcasing artworks from local artists in the community. Themes are based on prevalent cultures and social topics to stimulate conversation and awareness.



By utilizing vacant retail and office spaces, our team prepares the space for an opening art reception, or "open house", The ODE Gallery creates a temporary physical space for art exhibitions and community engagement. Our events allow community to view and experience the space, increasing visibility, exposure, and potentiality to lease your space.


Incentives of working with Art in Suburbia:

Your business name, institution, or small business on our Newsletter and Website

Add your logo to our printed media 

Include your Business name in our media press kit and article reviews

Have information on the listing/s available (for real estate agents and landlords)*

Display your business brochures or literature at our opening reception and for the duration on the exhibition



As a Partner, We will

Paint walls white, patch existing holes, and make other minor adjustments as necessary

Utilize the building’s electrical, water, and sewage during the course of exhibition

Require access of the space during the course of the exhibition, including prep and breakdown time.



We work with you and for you to meet your business needs.



we utilize the power of art for social AND BUSINESS impact.

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Real Estate Agents and Landords who wish to increase visibility of a retail or office space listing that is new or has been sitting on the market for too long.

Give back to the community by utilizing a space that the local community can engage in and experience.

Most small business owners live inside their own communities, maximizing the potential of the space.

Spaces in the past have been leased as artist studios with long term contracts brining in more arts to the community which increases property value.

Universities are important forums in our society to hold independent inquiry and dialogue. Art is used as a means to connect with and integrate local communities; to educate and inform on important social, cultural, and sociopolitical topics.





Whether you've been there for decades or are the new kid on the block-- Our Consultancy & Service can help you expand your reach to new audiences to boost business. Add an element of social impact to your roster. Use the event to promote upcoming exhibitions, events, workshops, etc. or gain new members and sponsors.